Here at Leppington Pastoral Company we aim to educate not only our employees but the wider community as well.
LPC have the facilities to conduct tours of the dairy.

The tour takes approximately 2 hours and consists of:

  • Watching the cows being milked in the Herringbone
  • Getting up close to cows in the free stall sheds
  • Visiting the feed shed where all cows feed products are kept.
  • Visiting the calf rearing facility
  • Each group member receives a handout with various information on the farm.

The tours take place in a safe environment; however participants are given a safety talk on arrival to ensure they understand the requirements of the dairy farm Occupational Health and Safety regulations. At LPC participants are able to understand the processes involved in making milk and the various stages that take place before it hits the supermarket refrigerator.

Tours run all throughout the year and are conducted by staff at the facility.

Tours are by appointment only and only for senior students in high school. Walk in tours will not be accepted.

For more information please call (02) 47734291 or contact us through this website by heading to the Contact page