Leppington Pastoral Co (LPC) is a family owned and operated dairy farm nestled in the township of Bringelly. Kolombo and Julia Perich founded the dairy in 1951 at Leppington, New South Wales, milking 25 cows. They had two sons Tony and Ron who helped develop the business to what it is today. The current generation are third generation dairy farmers.

In 1963 the family purchased 242 Ha of land (“Linton”) at Bringelly. The property was previously a sheep farm but in 1964 a 12 cow “step-up” dairy was commissioned and 200 cows commenced milking.

In 1975 a 40-stand rotary dairy was built and the milking herd grew to 1000. By this time the total property size was the current 600Ha after the acquisition of “ Karoola Park”. Both properties combined to form what is known today as the “base farm”.

In 1980 “Greenway” dairy was acquired at Newcastle and moved to Bringelly (located 6km from the base farm), this farm is still operational today, milking 800 cows twice a day on a 40-stand rotary. The total land area at this site is 1280 Ha.

In 1991 the company purchased a third dairy at Wilberforce “Stoneleigh”. This was a 50-stand rotary dairy milking 800 cows.

In November 2000 the company ceased milking on the 40-stand rotary at base farm and over 2 days moved 1000 cows to a brand new Westfalia-Surge double 36 aside herringbone. Then in March 2001 over the period of one week we moved all the milking cows from Stoneleigh and added them into the new facility at the Base farm.

Leppington Pastoral Company also have property at West Wyalong “Billabong Station” (10,000 Ha). This property is utilised for rearing stock and growing various grains and hay.