Leppington Pastoral Company strives to maintain high environmental standards. Over the years we have adopted farming practices that have minimal interruption to “mother nature” and the environment. We apply best management practices, in order to minimize the environmental impacts associated with farm operations and management, and to comply with legislative requirements.

We are licensed by the EPA for dairy production over 1,000 cows. The licence number is 11557. To view the licence please click the link.

Through the EPA we have been classed as a low risk, or Level 1. Please see attached notice from the EPA.

Under the obligations of our licence we are required to monitor the following;

Effluent volume used for irrigation

Effluent water concentration

Soil concentration

To view the data please click the link associated with the results you seek

It is unrealistic to expect no odour from a livestock industry. We have adopted satisfactory management practices to limit the odour created on our farm. Odour problems are usually a short term issue and contained within our property boundary. There is no direct environmental risk to persons and here at Leppington Pastoral Company we welcome audits from the EPA. This ensures we keep up with current regulations and ensure best practice.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)

Please find a copy of our PIRMP

Environmental Complaints

If you have any environmental concerns please contact our “complaints line” on 0410 511 279 and be trusted the issue will be dealt with in a timely matter.

Or you can email us.

Cut hill road license

Leppington Pastoral Company also has an EPA license for the removal of top soil.  To view the license please click below

EPA License 2767

PIRMP for Cut Hill Road